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Citta Grande gloats of advanced living comforts and offices, for example, a clubhouse with Function Rooms, Main Entrance and Guard House, Swimming Pool, Wide Concrete Roads (min of 8 m wide), Basketball and Tennis Court, Concrete Sidewalk, Curbs and Gutters, Children's Play Area, Perimeter Fence, Jogging Path, Interconnected Water Distribution System, Overhead power dispersion lines, Underground Drainage System.

Apart from the facilities that Citta Grande has to offer, Quezon is also home to legacy houses from the mid twentieth century worked in the American design of the time, for example, the Enriquez-Gala Mansion, Gala-Rodriguez House and Villa Sariaya. Not exclusively do these houses recount stories of the extravagance managed by coconut proprietors additionally gives us a look at the vulnerability amid wartime. Some of these shocking structures are viewed as jeopardized because of street augmenting plans inside the poblacion that will obliterate these social symbols forever.

The Philippine nation life is the thing that the present Villa Escudero offers its visitors. Highlighting its popular waterfall eatery, the manor resort really has profound authentic roots following its birthplaces back to the coconut developing industry of Quezon. Other Spanish-time structures likewise exist outside Sariaya, for example, the Casa de Comunidad de Tayabas, Malagonlong connect and the houses of worship of Lucban and Tayabas fill in as demonstration of the historical backdrop of the area.

  • Clubhouse with Function Rooms
  • Main Entrance & Guard House
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wide Concrete Roads (min of 8 m wide)
  • Basketball & Tennis Court
  • Concrete Sidewalk, Curbs and Gutters 
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Jogging Path
  • Interconnected Water Distribution System
  • Overhead power distribution lines
  • Underground Drainage System
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